Creating a Seamless Onboarding Experience: Tips for Working with Wizz Digital Marketing

Understanding Our Sales Process

Working with us is a collaborative journey focused on understanding your unique challenges and goals to provide tailored solutions for your business. Our sales process is consultative, designed to ensure that we can effectively support you and address your needs.

Here's how the process typically unfolds:

1. Discovery: The process begins with a discovery phase, conducted either through chat or a call, where we gather information about your business and current challenges. This helps us determine if our services are a good fit for your needs.

2. Complimentary Consultation: If there is alignment and we believe we can support you, you'll receive a link to set up a complimentary consultation. During this consultation, we dive deeper into your current bottlenecks and challenges. We listen carefully to your concerns and goals to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

3. Solution Identification: Based on the information gathered during the consultation, we work with you to identify potential solutions. We co-create a solution tailored specifically to your business needs and challenges. This initial engagement is known as the business diagnosis, where we focus on understanding the root causes of your issues and developing a plan of action to address them.

The business diagnosis is a crucial step in our process because it helps clients in several key ways:

The diagnosis allows us to delve deep into your business operations to uncover the root causes of your challenges. By understanding the underlying issues, we can develop targeted solutions that address the core problems rather than just treating the symptoms. And since every business is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. The diagnosis enables us to tailor our solutions to your business needs and challenges. This ensures that the strategies we develop are aligned with your goals and objectives, maximizing their effectiveness.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, the diagnosis allows us to focus our efforts and resources where they will have the greatest impact. By honing in on the specific areas that are hindering your business growth, we can develop solutions that deliver tangible results.

By involving you in the diagnostic process, we demonstrate our commitment to understanding your business and addressing your concerns. This helps build trust and rapport between our team and yours, laying the foundation for a strong and successful partnership.

The diagnosis also empowers clients by giving them a deeper understanding of their business operations and challenges. By shedding light on areas for improvement, clients are better equipped to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward growth and success.

Overall, the business diagnosis is an invaluable tool that helps clients gain clarity, direction, and confidence in their ability to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. It sets the stage for a collaborative and productive partnership to drive sustainable growth and success.

Unlike traditional sales processes that involve providing proposals upfront, we prefer to focus on co-creating solutions with our clients. This means that instead of presenting a predefined proposal, we collaborate with you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific requirements through our Business Diagnosis.

The business diagnosis process will involve several key steps:

1. Initial Consultation: We start by scheduling a complimentary consultation where we discuss your business challenges, goals, and objectives. This initial conversation helps us gain insight into your unique situation and determine if our services are a good fit for your needs.

2. Information Gathering: After the initial consultation, we gather additional information about your business, such as financial data, operational processes, and current pain points. This may involve reviewing documents, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, and analyzing relevant metrics.

3. Analysis and Assessment: Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your business. This involves identifying areas of strength, as well as areas that may be hindering your growth or causing inefficiencies.

4. Root Cause Identification: We work to uncover the root causes of your business challenges, digging deeper to understand the underlying issues that may be contributing to your current situation. This may involve identifying process bottlenecks, organizational inefficiencies, or external factors impacting your business.

5. Solution Development: Based on our analysis and assessment, we develop customized solutions tailored specifically to your business needs and objectives. These solutions may include process improvements, organizational restructuring, technology implementation, or strategic planning initiatives.

6. Collaborative Review: We present our findings and recommendations to you in a collaborative review session. During this session, we discuss our proposed solutions, answer any questions you may have, and gather feedback to ensure that our recommendations align with your goals and objectives.

7. Implementation Planning: Once we have finalized the recommendations, we work with you to develop an implementation plan. This plan outlines the steps required to execute the proposed solutions, including timelines, responsibilities, and resource requirements.

8. Ongoing Support: Our partnership doesn't end with the diagnosis. We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the implementation process, helping you navigate any challenges or obstacles that may arise along the way. We are committed to your success and will work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Overall, the business diagnosis process is a collaborative and iterative journey focused on identifying challenges, developing solutions, and driving sustainable growth and success for your business.

During the business diagnosis, clients have the flexibility to choose how they want to proceed with the insights and recommendations provided:

1. Implement In-House: Clients can opt to take the marketing strategies, operational insights, and business growth plans developed during the diagnosis and execute them with their internal teams. We provide comprehensive documentation and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation.

2. Continue Engagement: Alternatively, clients may choose to continue their engagement with us through our other set of services. This could involve ongoing consulting, coaching, or implementation support to further optimize their business operations and drive sustained growth.

It's important to note that the business diagnosis process does entail an investment. However, this investment is designed to provide significant long-term value by uncovering opportunities for improvement and providing actionable recommendations to help propel your business forward. We believe that the insights gained during the diagnosis are invaluable in driving meaningful and sustainable change within your organization.

Our goal Throughout the process is to provide value and support at every step of the way. We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, and our consultative approach ensures that we can deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.

Understanding Our Sales Process
Understanding Our Sales Process

Seamlessly Onboarding with Wizz Digital Marketing

First and foremost, let us express our genuine excitement at the prospect of collaborating with you here at Wizz Digital Marketing. Your decision to entrust us with your aspirations is a privilege we do not take lightly. We understand that navigating the landscape of investments can be a labyrinthine journey, rife with complexities and uncertainties. However, rest assured, we are steadfast in our commitment to guide you through this process, ensuring it remains as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Our dedication to your seamless onboarding experience begins with a thorough understanding of your unique goals, preferences, and financial situation. This initial step is pivotal, for it forms the foundation upon which our tailored strategies will be built.

We encourage open communication during this phase, as your insights enable us to craft a bespoke investment strategy that aligns perfectly with your aspirations. To work with us, we ask all our possible clients to fill out our inquiry form through the call booking option below, so we can understand what you are looking for, the budget you have available, & your current business challenges.

Thereafter, book at the most convenient time for you, We will then jump on a call to discuss the specifics of what you are looking to invest in. This allows us to connect and establish if we will be a good fit to work with each other and discuss options.

After the call, if we are a match, then we will invite you for a Complimentary Marketing Blueprint Consultation. This is a complimentary consultation valued at USD$3000 where we will undertake an initial analysis for your company where we identify some preliminary operations, marketing, & sales bottlenecks you may currently have in your business.

Ready to start working with us? Now it is time to start. Before we start any work, we send off all the necessary key documents that need to be signed, along with your first invoice for your setup fees and first payments.

This will include our contract, our detailed analysis questionnaire which you will receive automatically once your payment is processed, and then package dependent, a bespoke client portal.

As indicated, before any Tactical work can be undertaken, we first undertake a Business Diagnosis & strategy project which is explained in the section above.

This is where our engagement kicks off. This initial project can be a once-off investment. This is important for us as it sets up the project for success. The Investment in the Business Diagnosis USD$5500

And finally, receive your welcome pack. To make sure our workflow and relationship work smoothly, we send over a bespoke welcome pack, as well as a calendar link to schedule your kickoff call. This covers all information about your package, tutorials, and instructions on anything you need to set up for both of us to work together, plus extra details such as how to contact us.

Once we have what we need, we will now undertake a deep dive into your business, audit your business processes, data, team, revenue centers which includes sales, marketing, products, and offers, and thereafter report on our findings and a proposed solutions and implementation plan

So, let's get this show on the road. Get in touch today. Fill in your inquiry form and book your discovery call below

Seamlessly Onboarding with Wizz Digital Marketing
Seamlessly Onboarding with Wizz Digital Marketing